This knockdown packaging project required rebranding an already existing business, and creating two boxes and a bag for that brand. I was encouraged to attempt to break into the booming new business of legal cannabis, and went with a local business in Oregon. "PUFF" brand is a legal edible and flower shop operating out of the northwestern state. 

Graphically, I wanted to pursue a vector based, illustrative solution. My goal was to create packaging that was bright, relaxing, as well as nondescript. This packaging did not need to scream "cannabis!" but small references such as the leaf on the side of the bag were small nods to the contents
The rectangular box is a box made to fit multiple different types of edibles.
The smaller boxes can be taken out and disassembled easily. The slip cover has a day and night side. 
The upright box, is meant to be filled with various gummy edibles of the customer's choosing.
 Styled after a classical cigarette box, this box can also be knocked down flat.
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