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As a recent graduate of Drexel's Graphic Design program, I have spent 4 years developing my design skills in the classroom and my communication and management skills in my extra curricular. As a graphic design major, I believe in doing design that matters. Whether it be persuasive or informative, I enjoy design that can help people in one way or another. By way of this, much of my design work focuses on politics, and making complex or tough topics not only easy to read but visually entertaining to look at. While my education prepared me for design in any environment, I have found a passion for publication design. Over the course of my education, I wove together publication and book design projects under a united masthead(“FEDERAL”) which set my projects apart from other undergraduates.   
Outside of my classwork, I have been a member of Drexel’s Undergraduate Student Government Association for all four years of my college career. First as a representative, then as head of the design team, and now as a member of the executive board and the director of the marketing committee. This experience taught me not only how to art direct and plan complex campaigns, but also how to do design work with different people across different disciplines. No matter what organization I belong to, I strive to provide loyalty, dedication and meaning in my work. 
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